Michelle LeBlanc, DC

Tucson, Arizona


I dealt with chronic back pain for nearly 25 years.  After numerous medical doctors, several “natural doctors,” drugs, and too many medical devices to count, I was then fortunate to find Dr. LeBlanc.
I call her my “medicine woman” because she is truly a healer.  Dr LeBlanc has the rare ability to heal with touch and also to teach with love.  Thank you.
Shelley M.

Dr. Leblanc has been our choice of excellent chiropractic care for over 12 years.  Dr. Leblanc offers not only chiropractic services, but also specializes in therapy so we are able to improve and strengthen.  She has helped us live more productive lives so that we can enjoy all the things we love to do – hiking, camping, biking, etc.
~ Risa and Chris

With both expertise in manipulation methods and in-depth knowledge of the skeletal and muscular aspects of the human body, Michelle is an excellent Chiropractic Physician.  Having suffered a serious fall, Michelle was able to diagnose and treat me in a timely and effective manner.  
Michelle takes the time to listen to your concerns (fears?!) about the procedures involved.  She has an amazing ability to ascertain the particular situation at hand,  how best to treat it, and then make personal recommendations moving forward.  Michelle is someone I trust wholeheartedly.  I know that her experience and caring will serve both my immediate and future needs fully.

Michelle is very caring, efficient, and has helped me through many aches, pains. – I’m now feeling much better.  She is always available when I need her.